Sep 29, 2021

Our Roots

At C.H.A.R.M. Prison Ministry, we look beyond the criminal and see a person. We see prisoners as people made in God’s image, people worth getting to know. Through one-on-one relationships, we introduce them to the hope found only in Jesus Christ and lead them to reconciliation with God.

So, how did it all start? 

In 1998, CH.A.R.M.’s Founding Director, David Trickett, was arrested for the final time. Broken, he cried out to God, who met him in his mess, transforming his heart, mind and soul. He found absolute peace and joy sitting in a prison cell, facing 50 years, a situation that would seem impossible to many. 

It was through David’s following of God’s call on his life that the vision for Christ’s Hope and Reconciliation Ministry, C.H.A.R.M., was born. God birthed in David a desire and calling to minister to the broken, showing them the hope, love, and mercy that is found only through Jesus Christ. 

It became clear to David while still incarcerated that it was all about relationships. It was about meeting with the people that others wouldn’t. It was about building relationships through basketball courts, volleyball courts, softball fields, and just doing life with inmates. It was about doing whatever it takes to meet men and women who are incarcerated on their level, creating a safe environment for the gospel to be presented. 

After his release, David admits that he was hesitant to enter the same walls that once held him. He wasn’t sure if he had anything to offer, but he felt God say to him: “These are hurting people just like you were hurting, and I met you in your mess. I want to use you as a conduit to meet them in their mess and show the love of Christ to them.” 

Through David’s response to this vision, a deeper calling began to grow of meeting men inside the walls and then walking with them upon their release, discipling them as they walk out their faith and re-enter society. 

At each turn, God has provided mentors, donors, and volunteers allowing the ministry to grow into what it has become today.
To hear more about the vision God gave to David and how the ministry was started, click HERE to visit our VIMEO channel and a video on the journey of C.H.A.R.M. from vision to reality in our Beauty from Ashes series.